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Body of dead newborn thrown away in residential building in South Athens

The body of a newborn was found in the empty space of a multi-story building in Nea Smyrni suburb of South Athens on Saturday afternoon. A resident of the building reportedly saw the body from the balcony. It was on a net set for birds.

The newborn  had still the umbilical  cord around, its body that was wrapped in a plastic bag.

The newborn was a baby boy.

The shocked resident alarmed the building manager who informed the police. The body was taken for autopsy to determine the causes of the death. According to first estimations, the body was thrown away right after the birth that was obviously took place at a home.

Police investigating the crime has taken testimonies from the residents of the building where the body was found as well as of neighboring houses.

Authorities are primarily seeking for a pregnant woman in the building or in  the neighborhood.

Worth noting that the building on Prigkiponisson Street is close to the local police station.

24 hours after the crime was discovered, police still has no clues hinting to the perpetrators.

According to state broadcaster ERT TV, the body was thrown from a balcony. As there has been no pregnant woman in the building or in the close neighborhood, there may have been visitor who threw the body.

A resident said the incident was very “suspicious as not everybody has access to the spot” where the body was found.

Not only the building residents and neighbors are shocked but the whole Greek society.

It is the second tragic incident within two months. End of February, the body of a newborn was found in a garbage bin in Petroupolis suburb of West Athens. The baby was chocked with a robe and its umbilical cord, the autopsy found. Police investigation did not manage to locate neither the mother nor the people who murdered the baby and later threw it in a garbage bin.

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