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Greece takes first steps to ban plastic straws, promote eco-friendly alternatives

After the charge on plastic bags reduced their use, it’s time for Greeks to change the way they drink their drinks. The Greek Association of Alcoholic Drinks Distributors (ENEAP) decided to gradually abolish plastic straws and beverage stirrers as part of a broader commitment to reduce the environmental footprint.

ENEAP represents the largest companies in the spirits industry which imports distributes 80% of
the international brands of premium alcoholic beverages in Greece.

The Members of the Association will stop using non-biodegradable plastic straws and drinks stirrers during their business activities like corporate, advertisement or promotion events. the aim is to gradually abolish their use.

In a statement, ENEAP said “We acknowledge that a straw or a stirrer is used for a few minutes, but it takes many years to break up and often it does not completely disintegrate with negative effects on the environment and the seas.”

Stressing that the action aims to raise awareness of the problem among the industry professionals and the consumers, the Association recommends the use of recyclable biodegradable alternatives.

ENAP urges consumers to join their forces and say when they order a drink  “No straw, please!”

PS I wouldn’t know that there are recyclable alternatives in Greece. Are they? Frappe coffee without straw is impossible!

I personally never use a straw except for frappe. But never seen alternatives to plastic in the supermarket.

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  1. When I was young (a long, long time ago!) there were no plastic straws. Instead, we used barley straws, cut to measure.
    A spanish company, Sorbos, is launching biodegrad straws that can even be eaten!!!

  2. How about banning the damn plastic bottles that companies use for their soft drinks ?

  3. Have just returned from a holiday in Greece – every blummin drink is served with one or worse two plastic straws and often a plastic stirrer. Plastic cups everywhere and on the beaches on Naxos no bins so I struggled to put the plastic I collected off the beach anywhere. Greece have a loooong way to go and should hurry up as their tourist industry is crucial to the economy and that relies on the sea, which they are helping to fill with plastic – bonkers.