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Autopsy indicates newborn was born alive, left to die in the cold

Creepy details about the death of the newborn baby boy found in the open space of a residential building in South Athens. According to the autopsy conducted on Monday, the baby boy was born alive, it was healthy and most probably died after being left for some 12 hours outdoors.

The body did not any have external injuries, the exact cause of his death remains undetermined yet. The results from toxicological and histological examinations are expected to shed light into the tragic death of the little unwanted soul.

However, the first results indicate the newborn died because it was left in the cold estimated twelve hours, sometime in the night from Friday to Saturday.

Temperatures may currently rise up to 25 C during the day in Athens but nights are still chilly and certainly not a ‘healthy’ environment to leave a baby outdoors.

The body was discovered on a net in the open space of a residential building in Nea Smyrni suburb of South Athens around 4 o’ clock Saturday afternoon.

The shocked resident alarmed the building manager who informed the police. The body was taken for autopsy to determine the causes of the death. According to first estimations, the body was thrown away right after the birth that was obviously took place in a home.

But whose home? Police investigation in the building and the narrow neighborhood did not come up with any clues hinting to a home labor. Authorities were primarily seeking for a pregnant woman in the building or in  the neighborhood.

State broadcaster ERT TV reported on Sunday, the body was thrown from a balcony. As there has been no pregnant woman in the building or in the close neighborhood, there may have been some visitor who threw the body.

Two apartments is the building are being rent through online platforms, media reported on Monday, with residents seeing people coming and going and living there on short-time leases.

Police investigation continues.

The discovery of the body had shocked the Greek society as it is the second incident within months.

End of February, the body of a newborn was found in a garbage bin in Petroupolis suburb of West Athens. The baby was chocked with a robe and its umbilical cord, the autopsy found. Police investigation did not manage to locate neither the mother nor the people who murdered the baby and later threw it in a garbage bin.

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