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Greece concerned about increase of refugees inflow especially through Evros river

Greece is concerned about the increase of refugees and migrants inflow especially through the natural border of Evros river in North-East. Briefing the parliamentary committee on Tuesday, Mgration Minister, Dimitris Vitsas, said that that refugees and migrants arrivals from Turkey have dramatically increased after the Varna EU-Turkey Summit on March 26th.

Between January and April a total 7.594 people crossed into to Greece through the Evros river and the islands, mainly Lesvos, the minister said adding that 2,168 migrants came through the islands and 2,700 through Evros.

Average Arrivals

  • 2017: 54 people per day
  • Jan-Feb 2018: 62-66 people per day
  • after Varna Summit: 126 people per day
  • in last few days: 200 people per day

Of those 2,168 migrants came through the island and 2,700 through Evros.

“On Tuesday morning alone, 340 migrants came through Evros river, when in 2017 the average arrival through the river were 54 people,”Vitsas said. New arrivals on Lesvos were 206 on Tuesday morning.

“We have an upward trend. In a sense, we are concerned but we are not scared, “the minister said adding he was alarmed at what was happening in Evros.

Due to the large increase of arrivals, the accommodation centers are filled up very, he stressed saying that the migrants’ trasnfer form the islands to the mainland doe snot improve the situation.

  • 4,784 vulnerable people were relocated from the islands to mainland. 

The minister revealed that the government has two action plans to deal with migration.  One plan refers to ‘increase of  up to 15%” and the other to increase out of control. He did not elaborate on the plans.

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