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Locals up in arms against installation of water measurers in their village

The church bell rang and all the village residents rushed to prevent technical teams deployed from the Water Company units from installing devices measuring water consumption in the fist houses of the village.

Water for the village of Xylopariko by Trikala in Central Greece comes from own fountains in the Koziaka mountain and they do not need to pay extra for water, the locals said. The village is situated at an altitude of 450 m on the mountain.

All households pay a fixed fee twice a year and they want the keep the same status.
Authorities in the broader municipality had taken relevant decision last year and the locals had opposed it form the very first time.

The village chairman asked the water company teams to not proceed with the installation works until final decision between the Xilopariko community and the municipality has been taken.

Police units came to the village to restore order. trikalavoice

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  1. The central state is only going to increase its attempts to steal (and sell off) anything and everything it possibly can. Since when did any of these things belong even to the municipality? they belong to the local community- the village- from time immemorial. and indeed the most important point here we must never lose sight of is that the argument is not exactly about who _owns_ these things, it is that _nobody_ has the right to steal them or take them or sell them, because in a sense _nobody_ owns them, but they _do_ belong to the local community, who have responsiblity to preserve and protect them.
    the thieves who have stolen so much will never be satisfied, they will keep coming for more and more… the sooner we stop them the better.
    The police in this situation had better be careful how they act- the more they side with this parasite state, the more clearly they make themselves an enemy of the people as well. If they want to do the right thing, they would turn around and arrest those politicians trying to steal everything!

  2. Spot on, Anon, well said. The predators’ greed knows no limits as they now seek to charge for nature’s spring water that they (1) do not own and (2) did not build the infrastructure for. Soon we will be fitted with individual body meters to charge for the air we breathe and the amount of earth we step on [“use up”] – as if these are private commodities.

    A sane and moral government would refuse such abuse, but our parliament are 100% paid puppets [with more waiting in the wings to replace them] right across the board, who leave peacefully protesting citizens to be criminalised.