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22-year-old student confesses to have thrown newborn away

A 22-year-old student has reportedly confessed to be the mother of the newborn baby boy thrown away and left to die in the cold. Police took to interrogation the young mother on Tuesday afternoon.

The woman has told police that that she gave birth in the bath tab of her home, cut the umbilical cord, wrapped the baby into a bed sheet and plastic bag and threw it from the window on the 2. floor of the building in Nea Smyrni suburb in south Athens. The labor took place Friday night. She was alone at home where she has been living with her mother and she was “in panic,” she said.

The baby was born alive and died most likely due to a 12-20-exposure to chilly night temperatures and without being cared of right after its birth, the autopsy found. The newborn weighted 3.5 kg.

The woman claimed that she could keep her pregnancy secret as she was over-weighted. She was scared that her mother would discover her pregnancy.

The father is a co-student of hers who allegedly ‘disappeared’ after the woman told him of  about the pregnancy.

The woman has been living in one of the five residential buildings that have access to the open space where the body of the newborn was found on a net Saturday afternoon. The net prohibited the body of crashing into the ground. The body did not have external or internal injuries.

The woman was studying in another Greek city, in Kalamata, and had returned in Athens recently.

Police traced her after it went door to door trying to identify the mother of the newborn over the weekend. According to media, police had taken DNA saliva samples from several young women in the residential buildings. Her DNA matched to the dead newborn.

She was transferred to hospital on Tuesday after she fell sick during the interrogation.

She faces charges for child murder.

Police continues investigation especially about the role of the woman’s mother, who works at a bank. Did she know about the pregnancy and the labor?

Some media reported late Tuesday that it was the woman’s mother was the one who found the body of the newborn on Saturday. According to initial information on Saturday, the body was found by a cleaner who later turned out to be also a resident of the building. According to media reports on Tuesday, the woman’s mother was working also as a cleaner at the building although a bank employee. All this is still to be confirmed. State broadcaster ERT TV reported this morning that the family was of a “special social status” but did not elaborate.

The woman’s parents are divorced, the father had practically no communication to his daughter.

Neighbors are still in shock and told media :she would have left the baby outside some door,” we would have taken it in.”

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