Wednesday , February 1 2023
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Greece to abolish laws criminalizing road toll dodgers

The government intends to abolish the laws that made non-payment of road tolls a criminal offence and led many people to court, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis said on Sunday, speaking at an event in Oropos.

He also promised to arrive at an agreement with the Nea Odos concessionaires for the freezing of fines already imposed on several residents for non-payment of tolls in the past.

Spirtzis announced that residents of Oropos and the surrounding region will be exempt from payment of slip-road tolls for the motorway running through their area, once the electronic registration of their vehicles is completed.

The government will also negotiate with the company so that they only pay a small, fixed sum of about 0.20-0.30 euros for the journey from Metamorphosi to the boundaries of Oropos. He also promised that no additional tolls will be added to north Attica.

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