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“Eco program” to educate kindergarten & school children in Fur Production

An “ecological and education program about how fur is made” for kindergarten and elementary school children? If nothing else, Greece’s government has little to not at all knowledge about animal rights or the global debate about fur. Greek Education Ministry was forced to cancel this ambitious and criminal program not only due to protest by Greek animal welfare organizations but also because it would violate its own regulations.

The unacceptable program was organized by local bodies of Kastoria, the town in Northern Greece famous for its fur clothing industry.

Approved by the Regional Primary Education Department of they Ministry, the program “Fur  – Environment and Culture” and was aiming to educate young children about the procedure of creating  fur. Initially schools from the region should participate and later the program would expand to invite children form other regions.

Already, several local schools had registered to the program that in the very end will not materialize.

On April 26th, the Education Ministry decided to cancel it for the school year 2017-2018.

In an open letter to authorities, The Greek Animal Welfare Federation said that the program would educate children about the productive activity related to the killing of millions of animals after being tortured for the purpose of being used a fur.”

Stressing that such an “educational” program is criminal, distress causing to children and destructive for their souls,” the Federation says that the children will learn how to torture animals for the sole purpose of profit making.

The Federation cites older circulars by the Education Ministry Department of West Macedonia, according to which “young school children should not be allowed to visit places where captive animals (fur animals)  are held alive as this is highly anti-educational and detrimental to shaping the healthy perception of young children about the protection of  environment and wildlife in our region.”

The project manager defended the program saying it was “theoretical education and the pupils were not going to get in touch with the process, see how production is done in units or what is happening to the animals.about animals.” The aim of the program is to familiarize all students with the process of creating a fur, from saving raw materials to designing and producing the fur cloth. “In addition, our aim is to highlight the points on environmental linking in breeding, animal husbandry and waste management by looking at every aspect and highlighting reality, ” the project manager told magazine

A SYRIZA lawmaker from Kastoria had attacked critics of the program.

A year ago, also Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, had expressed his support to fur makers of Kastoria and indirectly supported the torture of the animals.

The program was reportedly initiated after pressure by the local community of fur makers in Kastoria.

Apparently not just theoretical education… picture via aboutkastoria

While fur productions has been banned in several countries, and Greece is claiming to protect environment by charging for plastic bags or banning plastic straws, some “left-wing” government officials display full ignorance about animal rights and protection. Who has forgotten the despicable animals law for dogs and cats by ‘ecological green” deputy agriculture minister Tsironis? He had to withdraw the law after the outcry and by order of the Agriculture Minister. Yet the law is to returned “modified” (?) by mid or end May.

If this government is left-wing, eco-green and progressive when it comes to animals, I am a polar swimming in the Sahara desert.

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