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Police arrests Turkish municipality worker for illegally entering Greece on a

Greece’s border police and army arrested a Turkish citizen who illegally entered Greece driving a work vehicle. The man accidentally cross into Greece, while he was supposed to conduct some work in the border area, Turkish media report.

The incident took place on Wendesday afternoon at the border crossing of Kastanies in the North-East of the country.

The man is reportedly a municipality worker at the Municipality of Edirne where the two Greek soldiers are held in custody and without charges for 63 days.

He was reportedly assigned to conduct some earth digging works in a well in the border area. Edirne mayor confirmed the arrest saying he accidentally entered into Greece after a maneuver with the vehicle.













According to Greek local media, the man said he was a farmer from the area and he got confused.

He is in custody at the police station, is expected to taken for interrogation to Orestiada.

Greek media report of a “weird incident” and some say the man had an ID with him a large amount of money.

Initial media reports spoke of a “Turkish army officer.”

With the two Greek soldiers in custody and Turkye’s efforts to bargain their release with the extradition of the 8 Turkish servicemen who fled to Greece after the coup, any Turkish citizen attempting to illegally cross into Greece is considered with very big suspicion.

There is fear, Ankara will try to stage a kind of bargaining chip as Athens refuses to extradite the Turkish soldiers saying there is no comparison between the two cases.

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