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Expats report about living in Greece: Story by Rebecca Hall

Can visiting or permanently living in Greece change your life? Do you feel at home here or have problems with the different way of Greek culture? What are the biggest challenges a foreigner has to deal with when on short or long term visit? KTG asked its readers to submit their own stories. Here is the story by Rebecca Hall.

I am a British person who came to Greece in 2008 to teach English and I started off living near Delphi for one year, teaching English in a Frontesterio. I fully intended to just stay a year to gain experience and then move onto another part of the world, but my year in this region of the country – at what turned out to be the start of the crisis – made me want to try to live in Greece a little longer, so in 2009 I moved to Athens to work in another evening school, again teaching English.
From there I continued to teach English and gain Cambridge Oral Examiner status for and with the British Council in Athens and then Athens College. 
During this time, I was not liking what I read in the International Press about this country: ‘Greeks are lazy’, ‘Greeks don’t pay their taxes’ (partly true, but people needed to understand the laws of this country to understand why, before passing judgement!), so I started my site and also started penning a fictionalised account of my first year here – Girl Gone Greek
It continues to sell well on Amazon in both digital and paperback format and I have spoken at Expat events at the Athens Centre, presented on a Celestyal Cruise and at local Literary Festivals back in the UK – all with the aim of promoting Greece and hoping people see the true country – the philoxenia that is rampant in this country.  Girl Gone Greek has been written into a script and I hope to get it picked up by a production company for either a TV mini-series or indie film – not an easy task, but I firmly believe there is a message to be told here and I relish the challenge.

Now living in Athens and the UK and travelling Greece, I am a travel writer and promote Greece wherever possible; I am a Rough Guides guidebook updater and have started writing my follow up book to Girl Gone Greek. 
Has Greece changed your life? What was the biggest challenge? Read article and see poll results: “Visiting Greece can change your life,” says expat after 25 years on a Greek island

If you want to submit your own experience from visiting or permanently living in Greece, send your story at:

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Some 500 words would do fine. Shorter or longer make no difference. KTG will only have problems if a text is above 800-1000 words. It i sup to you to decide whether the experience is published with your real name or nickname – just mention this on your e-mail.

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