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Fraport reaches deal with Cosmote to upgrade telecommunications in 14 regional airports

Fraport Greece and Greece’s biggest telecoms provider Cosmote announced they have reached a deal to upgrade the telecommunication systems in 14 regional airports on Thursday. According to the announcements, Cosmote will install telecommunication system, upgrade telecoms and IT infrastructure at the airports facilities.

Among others, Cosmote  will offer a private cloud service at the 14 airports, along with upgraded connectivity, safer connection, and the upgraded transfer of voice, image and data via IP telephone and a private high-speed Wi-fi network, for both airport staff and travelers.

Provided will be also a private radio network, developed with Motorola, so the airports may communicate with each other in emergencies.

Cosmote, which operates under the OTE group – of which Deutsche Telekom is the biggest shareholder -, will also provide technical support and solutions.

A data center has already been installed for Fraport Greece (as Infrastructure as a Service), providing operational support and daily, 24-hour service without additional expenditures in equipment and materials.

Airports will be connected through the Cosmote IP VPN service, linking sound, image and data, and providing a secure connection with the data center. A total of over 1,000 terminals for the airports and the data center itself will be put in place, with calls handled through a single distribution platform, the telecom company said.

PS Now mean Greeks claim one German company is funding another German company….

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