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Newborn in Garbage: Police arrests mother and grandmother

Greek police has arrested the 19-year-old mother and the 54-year-old grandmother of the newborn that was found in a garbage bin in Petroupolis suburb of West Athens in February. Autopsy had revealed that the baby boy was born alive but was murdered right after his birth. Cause of death was chocking. The mother of the newborn confessed the crime.

Greek police announced the arrest in a short statement on Twitter on Monday morning.

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According to media information, the young woman discovered the pregnancy in the 28th week, “what was too late for an abortion.” She and her mother decided to keep the pregnancy secret which was apparently easy because the mother had an overweight.

The birth took place in the bathtub of the women’s home.

The woman reportedly confessed to have strangulated the newborn with a rope and the umbilical cord, and had stuffed paper tissues on its nose and mouth. She reportedly gave the dead body to her mother to throw it away.

Citing police sources, media report of the creepy details of the crime. According to Skai TV,  the 19-year-old told her mother to make the baby stop crying, the 54-year old stuffed the paper tissues and then both killed the newborn.

She had met the father on social media, had no further contact to him, neither did he know about the pregnancy.

The two women have been living in the same neighborhood where a trash picker found the body of the newborn on 26. February.

In the days that followed  the gruesome finding,  police had received at least 100 phone calls from the area with alleged indications about a pregnant woman. Police considered two of the phone calls as “serious.” Police had made a list of women in the area matching to a ‘mother’s profile: single, below 25 years old, no partner. DNA samples were taken, the results revealed the truth on Sunday morning. One of the DNA samples was a match with the newborn.

The 19-year-old is a student. Both women are Greek citizens of Albanian origin. The father was deceased, the two were living together with the older son of the family.

The women have been taken to prosecutor.

Irony: the two ‘mothers’ were arrested Sunday afternoon, on Mother’s Day.

What is worth noting that some media have posted the full pictures of two arrested women, but only blurred pictures of a 22-year-old Greek student who gave birth in the bathtub and threw her newborn from a window end of April. The baby died after being left in the cold for more than 12 hours after its birth.

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