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SYRIZA condemns Israel’s “assassination attacks against Palestinian protesters””

“Assassination attacks launched by Israeli army against Palestinian protesters are causing repulsion,” Greece’s ruling party SYRIZA said in a statement issued late Monday afternoon. The left-wing party of Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras is calling on the international community to condemn the attacks that took place in view of the trasnfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“>According to local authorities in Gaza, at least 43 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds have been injured so far.

“> 43 Palestinian protesters have been killed by Israeli forces during demonstrations ahead of the US embassy inauguration in Jerusalem, more than 2,200 protesters have been injured in Gaza, the Palestinian health ministry said Monday. The ministry added that among the injured are 74 children and 23 women, at least one child was among the fatalities.

According to an Amnesty International Tweet earlier, there are 6 children killed.

The majority of injuries have been caused by live bullets while some 320 people were targeted with teargas, according to the ministry. The Palestinian Health Ministry claims that Israeli forces are directly targeting emergency services and journalists.

Six journalists have reportedly been injured while covering Monday’s demonstrations, according to the Journalist Support Committee.

“>SYRIZA urges the international community to “unequivocally condemn the attacks by the Israeli army, calls on the United Nations,  the European Union and the Arab League  “to undertake a direct international peace initiative.”

“>”We are all supporting the resolution of the Palestinian issue by creating an independent and viable Palestinian state at the 1967 border, with East Jerusalem capital and peaceful coexistence of the two states,” SYRIZA underlined. “Peace and resuming of negotiations is the only way for the harmonious coexistence in the Middle East.

despite the international outcry, the inauguration ceremony of the US embassy in Jerusalem took place early afternoon Monday in the presence of Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

Tweets by AFP correspondent

Tweet by Asaf Ronel, hea dof Israeli daily Haaretz foreign news desk.

No EU representative attended the ceremony. However, Austria, Hungary, Czechia and Romania sent representatives in contrast with the EU official line.


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  1. For heavens sake what is Israel supposed to do? Open the gates and let Hamas in?
    The ‘Palestines’ are rounded up by Hamas and sent to burn tyres to create a smokescreen behind which they launch attacks and try to break down the barriers.
    The first job of the IDF is to protect Israelis.