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Israel moves to recognize Armenian Genocide as spat with Turkey escalates

Israeli lawmakers move to recognize the Armenian Genocide amid a Turkish-Israeli row over the killings of Palestinians in Gaza. A row that deepens by each passing day. The move comes a day after Ankara and Jerusalem expelled both countries ambassadors, Erdogan and Netanyahu exchanged harsh statements on Twitter and the son of Israeli PM posted a controversial picture
on social media that triggered an outrage.

Zionist Union MK Itzik Shmuly and Likud MK Amir Ohana both said they would submit legislation to make Israel the 30th country to recognize the genocide of 1915, in which the Ottoman Empire took the lives of 1.5 million Armenians. Recognition of the Armenian Genocide was avoided so far in Israel because of the country’s relations to Turkey.

The time of mutual respect is over.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at Israel for defending its border with the Gaza Strip from Palestinian rioters. Erdogan recalled his ambassador from Israel and, on Twitter, called Israel “an apartheid state that has occupied a defenseless people’s lands for 60+ years,” thus saying the Jewish state’s existence is not legitimate, as opposed to just its presence in the disputed West Bank since 1967. It is worth noting that the Turkish President’s office tweets in English very seldom.

Prompt was respond by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who tweeted that Erdogan is a supporter of Hamas terrorism.

The diplomatic row did not end there, on the contrary it got worst. Turkey humiliated the Israeli ambassador while he was leaving Istanbul for Jerusalem. Ambassador Eitan Naveh underwent a thorough security check including body control in public view. The check was recorded and was spread and broadcast by all Turkish media outlets.

Israel protested over what it called Turkey’s “unbecoming treatment” of its expelled ambassador.

On the same day, Wednesday, Netanyahu’s son, Yair, made a highly controversial post on Instagram that triggered a storm on social media, with many Turkish users to use an outspoken obscene language against him and the whole family.

A spokesperson for prime minister’s son said that Yair is ‘a private individual and his Instagram account is private.’

Netanyahu’s son seems to have deleted his account but the screenshots have been widely shared on social media.

Meanwhi8le, tensions between the two countries deepen, with Erdogan warning that Turkey will never allow Israel to steal Jerusalem form Palestinians.

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  1. When will the Israelis finally recognize the Palestinian Genocide? Stupid question.

  2. costa sakellariou

    erdogan “lashed out” at israel for “defending its borders” …i am certain those were not his words.
    credit where credit is due – at least turkey has recalled its ambassador!

    your description of israel as ‘defending its borders’ from ‘rioters’ is worthy of the IDF press office, but then, it seems you are following a general greek trend of a rapprochement with the netanyahu government…

  3. Israel is the only country in the area to have done anything for the middle east. 54 of the dead “protesters” were Hamas Terrorists……….. Let that sink in.
    One wonders why the second day of border confrontation,on the Naqba day was so subdued ?!
    Here it is …
    While Hamas incited and bribed Gazans to reach the fences separating them from Israel last Monday and placed them in mortal danger, behind the scenes a real drama took place that led to calm of the second day . In the afternoon Hamas politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh was urgently sent to Cairo, where he was severely reprimanded for his actions.

    An Egyptian security source revealed to Israel Today newspaper , the drama that took place Monday afternoon at the headquarters of the Egyptian intelligence services in Cairo, in the office of the head of Egyptian intelligence, Kamal Abbas.

    The Egyptian official also said that the security and intelligence headquarters in Cairo were astonished by the number of casualties on the border fence and the evidence given to them by Israeli intelligence sources that Hamas security personnel were threatening demonstrators to reach the border and even rewarding families and individuals to endanger their lives and try to approach the border fence.

    Egyptian intelligence officials also learned that among Palestinian factions in Gaza, harsh criticism was voiced against Hamas because of the high number of fatalities, and the fear was that in Gaza there would be a conflict between armed Palestinian factions that would deteriorate the situation in the Gaza Strip into total chaos and anarchy.

    The Egyptian official said: “Ismail Haniyeh arrived in Cairo in less than an hour with two of his bodyguards who came with him in a helicopter that was sent to bring him in. The one who claims that the Egyptian intelligence sought to respect Haniyeh by sending a helicopter specifically to bring him to Cairo is absolutely wrong.

    Abbas (Egyptian intelligence chief DS) let Haniyeh and his escorts wait outside the office. It was very embarrassing even humiliating. When Haniyeh entered the room it was impossible not to hear the shouting at him. Haniyeh did not even answer. Shouted at him and told him angrily and unequivocally that the blood of the Palestinians killed in the fence on his head and Sinar’s and Khalil’s and the entire Hamas leadership. They even showed him photographs of how Hamas operatives pay tens of dollars to young people and families so they can die in the fence. ”

    The Egyptian official told the stunned Haniyeh that the continuation of the demonstrations, which will lead to the deaths of more and more Palestinians, will be at the responsibility of the Hamas leadership, stressing that history will not forgive him and the Hamas leadership for the irrational number of casualties.

    According to the Egyptian official, the conversation with Haniyeh marked a warning that continued violence in the fence would lead Israel to carry out targeted assassinations of Hamas leaders one by one, and that Egypt and other regional countries involved in the lull would be satisfied with declaratory condemnations only if Israel returned to the assassination policy against Hamas leaders.

    It should be noted that the Egyptian officials present at the flash meeting between Abbas and Haniyeh said that Abbas had not agreed to discuss any understandings with Haniyeh to calm the events in the fence: “Abbas demanded that Haniyeh return to Gaza by helicopter and bring him to stop immediately from the border with Israel. Has not received any gesture other than the return of the Gaza issue to the world public agenda, and it is possible that in the continuation of the lull in the fence there will be gestures towards Hamas and the population in Gaza, but the message conveyed was firm and placed Hamas in charge of restoring order. ”
    Every neighborhood has big dogs and smaller dogs , Ismail haniyeh knows it.