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Jane Fonda urges Greeks to show “banks & money-men” an …arm of honor

With a not lady-like gesture, Hollywood star and decades-long political activist Jane Fonda urged Greeks to show “the banks and the money-men” an ‘arm of honor!’ In an interview with Greek presenter superstar Eleni Menegaki, Jane Fonda advised Greeks to “stay strong and stand up to tyrants”  and praised them for having accomplished a lot.

“Stray strong, things are not easy anywhere in the world but in Greece’s it’s not easy. Stay strong, stand up to tyrants. Stay together and organized. You already accomplished a lot by people staying together and saying [gesture] this to those banks, those money-men who tell you you can do without so things get better. Things will get better for them but not for the average man. So fight!” she said.

“Greece can teaches us what to do,” Fonda added.

Video ENGLISH: the political part after 4:15

In the first minutes of the video, 80-year-old Jane Fonda speaks about her latest film and gives tips about how to stay young. “it’s the attitude, the curiosity and the physical activity,” she says.

PS Man, she looks gorgeous!

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  1. she living on another planet, where greece managed to resist the bankers?
    because on this planet it looks a lot like the country has been steamrolled by bankers and their henchmen.

  2. Not lady-like gesture…Jane Fonda was, is and always will be Jane Fonda. Not a ‘lady’ perhaps but everything else that is good about feminine. She always was a fighter and never let ‘social convention’ inhibit her. Americans are always both optimistic and naive or defensive and naive about the Outside World beyond the oceans. Either way …naive. Her heart is in the right place though. I guess some people age better than others, with good ageing genes and looking after themselves. Her father Henry Fonda was one of the Hollywood Greats. She takes after him… Interesting how she always says how her father raised her as if she were a boy because he had no idea how to relate to a girl. Now she prefers the company of women to men… good for her! I remember her esp. in The China Syndrome with a very young Michael Douglas. I’m 60+… Thanks for showing the interview. I think we can forgive her ‘The Gesture’…