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Father of Coventry boys killed in hit-and-run accident, takes life on Corfu island

A British tourist has been found dead in a hotel in the area of Kavos in the South of the island of Corfu in the early morning hours of  Thursday. According to local media, the body of the man was found hanging from a balcony on the first floor of the hotel where he was renting a room.

No further details have been given to Greek public other than the man was 31 years old. Citing information form the Athens news agency, Greek media note that the man had hanged himself.

According to preliminary investigation, police reportedly excluded the possibility of a crime.

Almost at the same time, on Thursday afternoon, a statement by UK police revealed the latest act of a British drama.

According to West Midlands Police, the man has been identified as Reece Platt-May, and his death is not been treated as suspicious.

Last February, Platt-May lost two of his children, Corey and Casper, who were killed in a hit-and-run accident in Coventry.

Casper, two, and his brother Corey, six, were struck while on their way to a park by a speeding driver high on cocaine on 22. February. The brothers were on the way to the park when they were hit by Brown’s black Ford Focus as they crossed the road with their mother, their two other brothers and relatives.

The driver, Robert Brown, 53, was jailed for nine years last month.

Platt-May was last seen in public at Brown’s sentencing on 27 April when he wore a Manchester United scarf to signify his sons’ devotion to football.

The family said they felt the sentence was not severe enough and called on the Government to put in place its proposals for tougher sentences.

The family could not deal with the death of the two boys.

In court Mr Platt-May had to read his emotional wife’s statement which read: “I can’t work, my heart is broken, and time will never heal this. I will miss them forever. This monstrous act will haunt me.”

Reece’s death is bringing more devastation to the heartbroken family.

Pictures of the tow boys at memorial service.

The death of the boys had shocked the UK society, the news about the father’s death has triggered a storm of heartfelt condolence messages on internet.

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