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Chef Koulousias adds Greek olive oil and Kozani saffron to the royal wedding menu

Talented Greek chef, Nikos Koulousias, is one of the 24 selected chefs enlisted to prepare the official menu for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Speaking to private ANT1 TV on Friday, Koulousias, talked about the challenges of the task but also revealed that two Greek products have been allowed as ingredients: Olive Oil and Red Saffron from Kozani.

The team is preparing the latest details, so that we get the image that we want,” Koulousias said adding “we have been here since March, always with paper and pen at hand. it is not only if they like the menu but also how and with what ingredients we can work with. We have prepared approximately 50 menus until the chief chef took the ultimate decision.

Underlining that the menu will be served to some 650 people, he pointed out that number of guests is much lower than in a Greek wedding where up to 1,000 people are invited.  St George Chapel is a small church, he stressed.

Koulousias remained tight-lipped on details about which dishes will be served saying “it will be a surprise.”

But he revealed that the menu will have dishes that “will take the royal couple back to their childhood.”

“There are, of course, some recipes that we cannot avoid, recipes that have been named by the royal family, classic British recipes, but apart form this they gave us the freedom to do what we have in mind, and we wanted to give them the food they liked when they were kids,” Koulousias said.

Two Greek products have been included in the menu with the consent of Prince Charles.

“Red saffron from Kozani will be in some dessert, Greek olive oil will also play a role,” the Greek chef disclosed adding that Prince Charles gave the OK at the last moment after he visited Greece” beginning of May.

Nikos Koulousias from Kozani was also in the team that cooked the menu for the wedding of William and Kate, which he described as “more difficult.”

The menu for the wedding of Harry and Meghan is “more modern, more childlike”

36-year-old Nikos Koulousias is considered the most creative Mediterranean chef. He has once charmed Russian President Vladimit Putin with a signature Greek dish Lagos Stifado, “Rabbit Onions Stew.”

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