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Video footage proves the attack against Boutaris was “organized”

A video isolated from the plethora of footage posted on internet in the last two days, proves that the attack at the mayor of Thessaloniki, Yiannis Boutaris, was well organized and had little to do with “a spontaneous action by indignant citizens” angry about Boutaris’ statements, the economic situation in Greece and all other alleged arguments the attack supporters claimed on social media.

The group is standing opposite to representatives of Pontus Greeks associations.

The video isolated by The Bloppers Team and posted on Facebook shows a man with a green blouse standing amid a crowd of young men shouting insults and incredible names to Boutaris, urging him to “leave now”.

The man initially does not seem to be involved in the verbal attacks. He moves just a little bit around and keeps an Argus eye on the group.

Suddenly he raises his hands as if to applaud but in fact he gives the signal for the attack.

Immediately the men move close to Boutaris  and within seconds the verbal confrontation turns into physical violence.

“There seems to be an informal distribution of roles in the group that is is obvious it has acted based on a plan,” notes

Meanwhile, the video has been removed from FB – reason unknown so far.

But in the end of the day, media managed to copy of the video

In another video, there seems there were more than one men giving the signal for the attack.

What is also interesting is that many of the young men have adopted a haircut we in Greece used to say that it is done with a pot on the head. The haircut allegedly was used in older times and in the army.  The hairdresser would put a cooking pot on top of the head and would remove all hair outside the pot edges.

This haircut would be seen on men in Greece in the first half of last century.

In the last few years, though, this haircut has been adopted by neo-Nazis, it is called the Nazi Hipster look, or Nipster – a slang word developed by German media for young neo-Nazis adopting aspects of the hipster culture. the haircut was famous in the Nazi Youth under Hitler’s Germany.

The Hight-and-Tight haircut was first adopted by alt-right and neo-Nazis in the US who claimed they have to look good.

When Golden Dawn rose in 2012, it supporters adopted the bold haircut with all hair removed.  At that time and the time it followed, as the party had infiltrated the taxi union, it was weird to see so many young taxi drivers without hair.

After the murder of leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas, these taxi drivers started to grow their hair gain.

all this does not mean that the far-right extremists of GD were behind the Boutaris’ attack, there are enough far-right extremists’ groups around.

So far, police in Thessaloniki has arrested four men who are to appear before the court on Monday. Two of them are 20 years old, one with a police criminal record is 36, and one is just 17.

  • According to local media, the 36-year-old was caught by police, when together with two accomplices, he broke into a butcher’s shop early Sunday and stole the drawer of the cash register containing an unknown amount of money. The man is a Greek from Georgia.

The three are in custody, the 17-year-old was released and in expected to appear before a Minors’ court. The four will be charged for disturbing peace and causing bodily harm which are misdemeanor crimes.

Police investigation continues.

The prosecutor of Thessaloniki has broadened the investigation. Apart from the crime of causing bodily harm, authorities investigate also “incitement to violence” as well as “national division.”

The Mayors’ Federation has condemned the “organized attack” against Boutaris.

The fraction of Boutaris in Thessaloniki City Council speaks of  “blind hate  and ultra-nationalism.”

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