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Lamia: Police averts suicide of father of homeless family with 5 kids

Police in Lamia managed to avert at the last minute the suicide of a 35-year-old man, who, desperate and intoxicated, went to the roof of a public building and threatened to jump. It was the police officer’s calmness and reflects that averted the suicide in the last minute, local media report.

The family of seven, parents and five children, have been evicted from their last home several months ago and have been economically struggling without to have found a solution to their problem.

All started at 2:45 Tuesday noon, when the 35-year-old father went on the roof of a building at the Park Square of Lamia, Central Greece, and threatened to jump.

Police was deployed in the area, three officers walked up to the roof.

The man would not listen and seemed determined to jump.

With a sudden move, one of the police officers managed to grab him, pull him back from the edge and to solid ground under his feet.

At the end of the video below, the man capturing the dramatic moments shouts outloud  “Bravo, Andrea!” to the officer who grabbed the man.

The family has been struggling with economic and consequently also with housing problems for quite some time. The seven people have been sleeping in the part for the last couple of months.

“For three months,”  the mother said.

They reportedly sought help in the social facilities of the city in an effort to find a solution to their problem. But they did not manage it. The family was told to leave the area and move several hundred kilometers away.

“They told me to go to Athens or Thessaloniki” his wife told local “How can I go there, I am here, we are here” she said.

The family belongs to Roma minority.

The man was intoxicated and police took him away in handcuffs! In the video said the man has to calm down first at the police station.

PS I can imagine that the family did not have all necessary documents to obtain help. I just do not want to think there could be the case of racist behavior by the local facilities….

At the same time, one has to ask: what chances do people with psychological instability have when they are considered as society outcasts?

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  1. What this family faces is a common “memorandum era” symptom: total desperation in the middle of a no man desert. No hope for any source of income, no hope for any chance to feed self and family. Even if suicide was averted today, it may very well happen tomorrow in this land of hopelessness.