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Kammenos says his party ANEL will never accept term “Macedonia” in FYROM’s name

Tsipras’ junior coalition government partner, Panos Kammenos, has distanced himself from the negotiations about the Macedonia name issue and said that his party Independent Greeks (ANEL) will not accept the term “Macedonia” in FYROM’s new name.

Speaking to private Alpha 989 FM on Tuesday morning, ANEL leader and Greece’s Defense Minister Kammenos said among others that “there will be no solution on the issue because FYROM has convinced itself with a myth around the name of Macedonia.”:

Stressing his party foundation proclamation, Kammenos said his was not concerned if  the new FYROM name contains the words “Ilinden” or “Upper.”

“I and the ANEL will never vote for a name that contains the term Macedonia, whatever this name is Upper, Low, Gorna…” Kammenos underlined.

He said that “no solution will be found because the Greek government has indeed taken steps. They [FYROM] do not do it because the Greek precondition that they change their Constitution provides there has to be elections. Mr Zaef said also we do not accept also Constitutional change. Well, this ends the discussion. Greece has made negotiations. They commit suicide, they decide to not change the Constitution and the discussion is over.”

Asked if  the stance of ANEL would cause some problem to the coalition government, Kammenos replied he has made clear his party’s position on the name issue from the very first moment.

“I can assure you, the government position is that there will be no approval in the Greek Parliament without previous change in FYROM’s Constitution.”

He estimated that Skopje will not manage to secure the 2/3 majority in the Parliament for the name change.

PS If solution is impossible, then why the two countries waste time and resources in negotiations expected to last six months? In order to tell the UN, the US, the NATO and the EU “we tried, but… so come up with another idea?”

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  1. Poor Panos. He has to keep on saying lies just in case he can avoid his electoral disaster looming ahead. In reality, everybody knows that in the end he will vote for whatever his German master says….

  2. Haven’t they noticed what the M in FYROM is, which they use themselves?