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Tsipras pledges wages hikes, “end Dark Ages in labor market”

Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, has pledged to wages hikes and to “end the dark ages” in labor market and dramatically decrease “black labor.” After August 2018, “there will be no more memoranda,” the Greek prime minister said during the plenary “Hour of political leaders” about economy in the Parliament on Wednesday.

Greece is “heading steadily towards the exit from the long crisis and the suffocating surveillance, and only a short distance remains to the end,” Tsipras said among others., “A part of the remaining distance has been covered with the staff level agreement on the fourth review, within deadlines and without any additional surcharge”.

“By August 2018, the memoranda will belong to the past and this is a final, irrevocable and non-negotiable development”, stated Tsipras.

The prime minister asserted that the next few weeks will see the successful conclusion of negotiations on the two pending issues, namely the detailing of measures for the relief of the Greek debt and the state of the post-memorandum era.

Tsipras underlined that there will be no new austerity measures, and pledged hikes “not only for the minimum wage but also on other wages.

PS I suppose the upcoming pension cuts as of 1.1.2019 fall into category “few measure left,” as Tsipras said in the Palriament.


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  1. Alexis T.: After committing high treason in numerous occasions, he now tries to grab the votes of those idiots who still believe in the lies told by the best reincarnation of Quisling during these last 8 years of Troika misery. May his days be numbered.