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Lots of wishes but no solution for Greece’s debt at the Eurogroup meeting

Lots of wishes but no substantial results or even a breakthrough. The Eurogroup on Thursday discussed “Greece” but as the was no debt agreement between Germany and the International Monetary Fund in the Washington group meeting that preceded the European, the eurozone ministers wish Greece good luck and turned to Italy and its upcoming new anti-Euro government that could turn into a nightmare for the Eurozone.

The Greek government would like to put the additional pension cuts a sof 1.1. 2019 on the table again but the European Creditors re-chew the same candy: stick to commitments.”

Below the Eurogroup statement after the meeting


Greece’s economic adjustment programme

The Eurogroup was informed about the staff-level agreement concluded by the institutions and the Greek authorities on 19 May. The focus is now on Greece’s successful implementation of the agreed reforms, ahead of the June Eurogroup meeting.

The Eurogroup also continued its discussions on possible debt measures in preparation for the decisions that are planned for the Eurogroup meeting in June.

Greece’s economic adjustment programme is now under its fourth and final review . The programme’s formal expiry date is 20 August 2018.

*thumbnail pictures is from Eurogroup in March. Nothing has changed ever since not even their suits.

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