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Corfu mayor and deputy in charge of garbage convicted for environmental violations

A court on the island of Corfu, in the Ionian Sea, convicted two local rules for having violated environmental regulations after instructing municipality workers to dump garbage in a closed landfill.

Mayor of Corf, Kostas Nikolouzos, and Deputy mayor in charge of garbage, Spyros Aspiotis, were convicted for violating environment regulations on Friday. The two were taken to justice after a local club filed a law suit against them last Sunday.

The two had reportedly instructed a municipality employee to dump garbage in ‘cell b’ of the closed landfill of Temploni.

The two local rulers were convicted to eight months imprisonment on three-year-suspension. The two have the right to appeal the court decision.

The trial took place at the 3-member Misdemeanor Court on the island, the marathon hearing started in the morning and last till late in the evening.

The garbage issue is an ongoing problem on the island.

Following a call via social media, dozens of residents demonstrated on Friday under the slogan “Save Corfu“.

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  1. Just returned from Corfu and although we stayed in a wonderful villa, visited some great beaches and ate fantastic Greek food we will not be returning to the island whilst the rubbish is an issue. Have the people gone nose blind? the horrendous stench of rubbish is unbelieveable! Driving past the piles and plies of rubbish at the side of the road you just have to hold your breath. The island will lose their tourist industry as other nations find this so unacceptable. Filth and vermin are not what I look for in a holiday and I doubt others do too.

  2. Oh dear. Poor Alison having to hold her nose. What about the thousands of local residents who have been living with this problem every day for so long? Of course Greek people can see and smell the problem – all year round, not for just 2 weeks like you. You say “Other nations find this so unacceptable” implying that Greek people are dirty and happy to put up with vermin and health risk.
    What an ignorant woman she is.

    Greece, and the holiday islands especially, need major investment to build a range of re-cycling, composting and disposal facilities in line with modern-day practice and European & environmental regulations & standards. They are still in the grip of austerity orchestrated by the western European countries, Germany in particular. The public revenue in Corfu/Kerkyra is constantly under attack and like other parts of the country, this tourist ‘gem’ of an island has been literally ‘forced’ to sell off assets on the instructions of the BundesBank that should earn money to aid public projects, local residents and secure future tourism.
    Who do you think owns Corfu Airport Alison? Surely a vital part of the economy of a holiday island – the Germans own it. Another asset and land grab over which they had no say here.
    Take your fingers off your nose and smell the financial bullying and bank/corporate corruption that has forced Greece to its knees and keeps it there.