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New Macedonia rallies as Greece and FYROM struggle for solution

Pan-Macedonian organizations prepare new rallies as Greece and FYROM keep struggling for a solution on the name issue.  Talks between Greece and FYROM “have intensified considerably” and will continue when Foreign Ministers Nikos Kotzias and Nikola Dimitrov are in Brussels, UN Special Envoy for the name issue Matthew Nimetz said on Friday.

In brief remarks at the close of a second day of talks in New York, Nimetz said that Kotzias and Dimitrov held “very workmanlinke talks.”

He added, “The issues are well defined, they have been narrowed. We still don’t have a final resolution of the issues, but both sides are determined to do enough to try to reach an agreement and are working very hard to do that.”

Both sides, he said “have important positions, national interests at stake, but they also both recognize the importance of reaching an agreement and are determined to do so.”

Asked to comment on whether the prime ministers of the two countries plan to meet early in June, the UN envoy replied, “The parties know each other very well: The two ministers talk frequently, the two prime ministers know each other, so they will figure out a way to move forward.”

At the time of the talks on Friday, leakage to the Greek press had claimed that the two sides had agreed on “Severna Makedonija” – North Macedonia. It proved it wasn’t true.

Meanwhile, Pan-macedonian organizations are reportedly organizing new rallies scheduled to take place in Athens, Thessaloniki and other selected Greek cities on 6. June.

With these rallies, the s0-called “Struggle Committee” will “seek to remind to the political leadership that the Greek people have taken their decisions on the name of Macedonia and demand its implementation,” the Struggle Committee for Hellenism of  Macedonia said in a statement. The committee “makes clear to the Greek government that no name that includes the term Macedonia can be accepted by the Greek side.”

The “Struggle Committee” reportedly consists of organizers of the two rallies in Thessaloniki and Athens last January and February.

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  1. If all this anger and energy over a name had only been directed against Merkel, La Garde, Dragi and Schäuble a few years ago!

  2. You are so right Carl. It is exactly those people you mention who now demand that FYROM enters NATO and instruct their Quislings to “fix” the name issue. People here, unfortunately see the tree (name), but not the forest (Merkel and her lot).