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Macedonia: Kotzias says FMs accomplished mission, PMs of Greece and FYROM to reach final agreement

Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, told media on Monday, that the mission of the foreign ministers of Greece and FYROM on Macedonia name issue has been accomplished. “Now it is time for the prime ministers of the two countries,” he said adding “today and possibly also tomorrow negotiations at experts level will continue on some technical and legal issues.”

Kotzias said that as soon as experts conclude their work and the technical and legal issues are fixed, “a draft prepared by the two foreign ministers will be handed over to the prime ministers who will talk to each other and reach the final agreement.”

Asked by reporters whether “erga omnes” a term meaning that the new name will be used for all purposes, has been included, Kotzias stressed “there is no agreement without erga omnes.”

According to state broadcaster ERT, government sources underline that “no agreement has been reached yet” but “large part has been covered.” The same sources point out that an agreement will have been reached by June 28th, when the EU Summit takes place.

The name on which the foreign ministries have agreed upon has not been leaked to the press so far.

Last week, while Kotzias and FYROM counterpart Dimitrov were negotiating in New York,  there were claims the two sides had agreed on “Severna Macedonia” – North Macedonia.

Conservative crises, furious Macedonian organizations in and outside Greece, as wells as Tsipras’ junior coalition partner Independent Greeks oppose the use of term “Macedonia” in FYROM new composite name.

US and Germany have been putting pressure on Greece to have reached an agreement with FYROM on the issue by June, before the summer summit of NATO that wants FYROM as members of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Without name solution, Skopje can not joint neither the NATO or the European Union.

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  1. Skopje would be better off NOT a union that has nor future. How much has NATO paid their politicians?