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Night watchman arrested for stealing antiquities from Santorini Museum

Police has arrested a night watchman at the archaeological museum of Santorini for stealing antiquities. Together with an accomplice, the  watchman has been stealing antiquities from the Museum’s storage room for about one year.

In a cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, police raided the man’s home on Saturday and found 15 clay pots dating from the 17th century BC, two stone and one clay figurines as well as a “quartz crystal object” dating from at least the 8th century BC.

The clay pots were from the archaeological site of Akrotiri, the crystal object from the Aphrodite sanctuary in Ancient Thira.

According to the head of Museum for Phrehistoric Thira, the artifacts are of exceptional archaeological, artistic and commercial value.

The two thefts were to sell the antiquities in the illegal market for economic gains.

In addition,  police found in the procession of the two, a sound-flare pistol, cartridges and a hunting rifle for which they did not have a license.

The two were taking to Prosecutor’s Office in Naxos, where authorities pressed charges for violations of laws for protection of antiquities and cultural heritage as well as for violations of the weapons laws.

The artifacts were sized and returned to the Museum, Greek Police said.

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