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30% of Greece’s workers earn monthly just €385 gross, i.e. below unemployment allowance

Thirty percent of Greece’s workers, that is more than 620,000 people, in private sector earn just 385.83 euros gross. Their net income is below the unemployment benefit.This has to do with the increasing rates in part-time jobs and the low salaries and wages in austerity and bailout agreements Greece.

According to data released by unified social security fund EFKA for November 2017:

629,685 workers in private sector earn €385.83 gross per month.

This is 30% of the work force in the country’s private sector that totals 2,071,338 workers and employees.

This 30% has part-time or flexible jobs.

385 euros gross means that workers receive less than the monthly unemployment allowance of 365 euros, when one subtracts contribution health care and social security contributions.

I’m not 100% sure but I think they also get taxes subtracted that they have may have them returned after their tax declaration in the following year.

According to EFKA the average full time wage is 1,162 euro gross with the daily wage at 50.37 euros.

In construction, the average monthly wage is at 565 euros with the daily wage at 39 euros.

The average in part-time is 385 euros with the daily wage at 23 euros.

Taking into consideration that unemployment is still at 20%,  many households depend on the income of just one working adult.

Even if living on frugal lifestyle, a monthly income of below 500-600 euros net will be possible if one doe snot heat in winter and has no phone bills to pay. The welfare state is practically absent and only the very poor can obtain some state funding for rent, heating and food aid, however, according to very strict criteria and for a very limited time.

The number of people living below the poverty line and are at risk of social isolation skyrocketed in after 2012, and reached almost 40 in 2016.

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