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17-November convict Koufontinas on hunger strike over prison furloughs

Hit-man of terror organization 17 November, Dimitris Koufontinas, started a hunger strike on Wednesday after the prion council denied him furloughs. 60-year-old Koufontinas is serving 11 life sentences in Korydallos Prison in Athens.

In a post uploaded on an anti-authoritarian website, Koufontinas said he is starting a hunger strike demanding regular furloughs and the abolition of the veto by Supreme Court prosecutor over his prison leaves.

In his post he accuses the judiciary of not being independent.

Koufontinas was granted twice a furlough in the last six months, after he served 15 years of imprisonment, as “the right on prison leave is not related to either the offense not the sentence but to behavior within the prison, the assessment of the possibility to commit new offenses and the location of residence,” notes daily efimerida ton syntakton.

The new paper adds that a lot of intervention from inside and outside Greece took place when Koufontinas was granted the first furlough.

When last November the furloughs on extreme strict conditions were granted there were very strong reactions. In addition to the angry but comprehensible reactions of the relatives of “November 17” victims, reactions that are always natural in every such case, there have also been attempts to intervene within and outside Greece, with no excuse or legitimacy to exercise unbearable pressure on the Prison Council.”

Disciplinary investigation was launched against the prosecutors who granted Koufontinas the first and the second furlough.

“His latest application submitted on March 9th has not been approved and it is unlikely that a prosecutor would approve it when this means to put his professional career at risk,” efsyn notes adding that the two furloughs were in compliance with the provisions of the law.


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