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Roma girl laid to rest as perpetrator still at large and police arrests one “accomplice”

Dressed with a white bride dress and placed in a white open coffin, members of the small Roma community in Amfissa accompanied 13-year-old Yannoula to her last residence at a local cemetery on Wednesday morning.

A small truck was playing sad songs all along the girl’s last journey to the local cemetery.

After the funeral, men among the morning crowd blocked traffic on national road Amfissa-Lamia and set tires on fire.

The girl was fatally shot and died in the Roma settlement on Monday night, when a local businessman used his rifle against the Roma community over a dispute.

The Roma community demands the immediate arrest of the perpetrator, who has been identified as a 34-year-old butcher.

The man is still at large on Wednesday noon, and it looks as if he has no intention to surrender to police.  “No lawyer on the perpetrator’s part has contacted authorities to negotiate his surrender,” noted.

Tuesday afternoon, police arrested a 40-year-old Albanian national, a worker at the butcher’s shop. Based on police investigation and testimonies, the worker was allegedly in the butcher’s car when the shooting took place and did not hindered his employer from committing the crime. He has been arrested on charges of being a simple accomplice to the murder. The man vehemently rejects that he was in the car or that he knows where his employer has been hiding.

This arrest is not enough, the Roma community says and demands justice.

While police investigation continues and the motive of the shooting remains unclear, there are several indications that it wasn’t “anger over burglary committed by the Roma community that pulled the trigger” as the butcher’s side claimed.

Police investigation could not find any formal complaint filed by the 34-year-old perpetrator that his home or his shop was robed.

Most likely the motive was the verbal and physical dispute between the settlement community and the perpetrator prior to the shooting, media report, confirming what the Roma community was saying from the very beginning.

Meanwhile, on social media, dozens of Greek racists spew hate against the Roma and some even hail the child’s murderer. The decline of a part of the Greek society is getting frightening.

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