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Fraudster deprives €280,000 from victims promising jobs at embassies in Athens

A 57-year-old woman has been depriving several Greeks of thousands of euros promising them high work places at the embassies of the United States and Israel in Athens, against a fee, of course. In the two years the fraudster was in operation she has collected more than 280,000 euro, police found.

Officers at the South-East Attica Security Division could not believe their ears when they heard the stories of four citizens, victims of the fraudster – a well-dressed and well-mannered woman, who was arrested in Glyfada, South Athens a few days ago.

A high-school graduate was promised the work as secretary to the US Ambassador, a worker at the storage of a supermarket was promised to be hired as “trade attache” at the same embassy.

The most unbelievable case was the one of a 28-year-old plumber. He was initially promised to be hired as security guard at the US embassy, then as personal guard to the Ambassador. He had already paid 2,000 euros for these promising jobs, until the next offer was so attractive that he paid 45,000 euros to be hired as spokesman of either the US or the Israeli embassy in Athens.

The woman was arrested on Wednesday in a shop in Glyfada, after an appointment with a “client”.  The victim had paid her 1,500 euros but the banknotes were marked by the police. The amount was paid for a job at an embassy and some investment.

After the arrest, police found during investigation in her home and a luxury vehicle, a number of bank cards and books as well as documents related to her illegal activities.

Police speaks of 39 cases from which the woman deprived 280,000 euros from naive and desperate victims in a country of  high unemployment and austerity.

Police will publish the woman’s picture in the next days in order to find also more victims.

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  1. Where does a 28-year old plumber get his hands on nearly 50,000 Euros, presumably in cash?