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New Democracy expels Argos Mayor over Anti-Semitic rant

New Democracy leader, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, expelled the mayor of Argos from the conservative party over an anti-Semitic rant.  For one more time, Mayor Dimitris Kambosos had lashed out at his colleague, the mayor of Thessaloniki, Yannis Boutaris.

Criticizing Boutaris over his stance on national issues  the Macedonia name dispute as well as on social issues like the allowing the Gay Pride, Argos mayor said among others that “he gets away with it because he is liked by the Jews.”

“We  cannot say what we want because we do not wear the kippah,” Argos mayor said in a video uploaded on youtube on Friday. interview with a

Kambosos had supported the beating of the 75-year-old mayor last month by far-right extremists, he had posted a comment under a Facebook post referring to Boutaris’ beating saying “that’s the fate of traitors.”

New Democracy said described Kambosos’ statements as “distinguishing and condemnable.” Mitsotakis posted on Twitter that he will not tolerate any “bigot and diving speech by any ND officials.”

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