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He came, refueled and left: US President Trump on Crete (videos)

He came, refueled and left. Air Force One landed on the island of Crete at 3:07 Sunday morning and took off 90 minutes later. On board US President Donald Trump, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and several journalists. The plane landed for refueling on the Souda Naval base and took for for Singapore for the historic meeting between the US President and the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Air Force One was refueled from an aircraft that had come from the US on this purpose, local media report.

The Naval Base on the north-West of Crete and the surrounding area were on high alert. Snipers were deployed around the military airport as soon as Saturday afternoon,  marines form the base had taken positions in and around the broader airport area, a unit of a private clinic was stand by.

A helicopter was flying over the base before, during and for some time after the Air Force One took off at 4:41 a.m.

No further details about Trump’s stop over have been made public during his one-and-a-half hour visit.

Did he meet with US staff at the base? Did he drink tsipouro? Did he saw the Minotaur? No, he didn’t as the White House pooled reporters. How could he? He didn;t stepped out of the airplane…

Fact is that Trump fired a torpedo from the Air Force One and short before landing on Crete he declared that he was withdrawing support from the G7 communique.

“Just before he left Quebec he’d insisted US relationships with allies were a “ten” and indignantly said a question suggesting otherwise was “fake news”, a reported on board of Air Force One tweeted.

The President tweeted while on the way from the military base Bagotville in Quebec, Canada, to Crete.

Two hours earlier Trump lashed out at Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling him “weak” and “very dishonest.”

The Group of Seven leaders came to their summit in Canada braced for battle, and while everyone had smiles ready for the cameras, behind the scenes U.S. President Donald Trump delivered a “rant” and recriminations on trade to U.S. allies, leaving the once united club deeply divided.

Trade dominated the two-day summit that began on Friday with leaders of Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Britain and Italy returning to the topic repeatedly in meetings, at a lavish dinner and by a fireside pit late into the evening.

A photo tweeted by the German government spokesman, @RegSprecher, captured the mood, showing a seated Trump, arms crossed, surrounded by other leaders standing over him.

At what a French presidential official described as one “extraordinary” session on Friday, leaders who had vowed to confront Trump over his decision to impose tariffs on U.S. allies last week as part of his “America First” agenda, showered Trump with data one after the other. More on G7 summit on One ‘rant,’ rough talks sour G7 mood in confrontations with Trump

PS Trump is making new allies now and he doesn’t need the oldest allies of America, the Europeans and the Canadians…

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