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Middle Ages in Greece: Families with small children live without electricity due to debts

Middle ages in Greece 2018: Two families with a total of seven children live in Middle Ages in the city of Patras in North-West Poloponnese.  They use oil lamps to lighten the dark nights and cook on fire with wood branches they have gathered from the area for this purpose. Reason for the primitive living conditions are the  debts to Greek Public Power Corporation (DEH) that cut the power supply in the last few days.

One family has four under-aged children and another three.

In both families the parents are long-time unemployed and live on the couple of euros of the so-called Solidarity Income that state gives to the absolute needy.

According to information of local media best, the debt of each family amounts approximately 4,000 euro.

In order for the PPC to reconnect the electricity, each family has to pay 1,500 euro from the money it does not have.

Of course, each family has to make a debt repayment settlement and pay installments plus the running cost for the power consumption.

The plight of the families was revealed when the parents turned to a charity for food and other items to cover basic needs.

The parents refused to receive food items that would need storage in the refrigerator. When the charity personnel asked the reasons, they explained that they have been living without electricity.

Some locals offered to pay the down-payment needed for the re-connection, however, even then, the problem is not to be easily solved.

Efforts are underway to have the families integrated into a debt repayment program with many installments. But there has been no positive result so far.

If you want to help the families in any way, you can do so via local charity ToFoteinoAsteri.org 

email: [email protected] – phone numbers: 6981044800 (mobile) and 2611122497 (landline) – via best.gr

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