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How Greeks comment on ex Golden Dawn MP escaping arrest, police blockades on highway

In what police claims it was a movie-like car chase on the country’s highways on Friday night, the now former Golden Dawn MP, Konstantinos Barbarousis, managed to escape arrest for “high treason.” The MP who called for a military coup, got on his parliamentary car and driving at high speed left the Greek capital, Athens, for the area of his home town, a village in Aitoloakarnania Prefecture in Western Greece.

He was driving at least with 180 km per hour on the Athens-Patras highway in heavy rain,and did not stop at a traffic police blockade, police sources told media. “He manged to evade a chase by several police cars.”

Police search in the broader area of Xiromeri and Messologhi continues with several road blockades, however, there has been no sign of either Barbarousis nor his car, a Volvo.

Now police reportedly is preparing another case file against the MP for violating traffic rules and not obeying police signals. At the headquarters of Greek police, the officers involved in the chase are expected to testify about Barbarousis behavior on the road. “There is no issue about the police officers’ responsibility for Barbarousis’ escape,” police sources told state news agency amna.

And this was an important clarification as several Greeks on social media claimed police let him escape hinting to many police officers voting for GD in elections.

How Greeks see Barbarouris’ escape

On social media, Greeks mock the MP of a bully party for having run away to avoid arrest for the very serious crime of “incitement to high treason.”

“He is a chicken,” write many, and some claim to have exclusive footage from the chase with police.

One internet user noted: “I read police searches for Barbarousis in stock-breeding facilities. They’d better look for him in chicken farms.”

via @spasmenopar

Another cited rumors claiming “Barbarousis will be guest star on “Chicken Are Free” sequel.”

Walt Disney designed chicken with long black hair.

Many just don’t buy it that he managed to drive away when several police cars were chasing them on the highways of western Greece.

Traffic police claims Barbarousis is Mika Hakkinen with Karaiskakis’ wing.

The 37-year-old MP revoked his statement in the Palriament after he became aware of the serious charges and the punishment he could face for calling the army to stage a military coup.

With all these wrong signs on Ionian highway, Barbarousis landed at Ioannnina, one police car in Agrinio and another one in Preveza,” a user noted.

Police blockade video….

Exclusive photo from Barbarousis’ arrest….

Apart from the jokes and mocking, there is a serious question about when the referring judge issued the arrest warrant against the ex GD MP and how did he manage to escape Athens. The first blockage was near Patras at 9:00 pm, media reported.

Barbarousis now has the status of “independent MP,” however, he is not protected with “parliamentary immunity” as the charges are on felony.

Fact is that the political and judicial system reacted very quickly and charges were presses within hours after the unprecended statements during the debate for the no-confidence vote submitted by New Democracy against the government over the Macedonia agreement.

How do we know Barbarousis seaks to escape arrest and he is not running to conquer North Macedonia before the Agreement is signed?

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