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Clergymen contest new ID Cards at Greece’s Council of State

A group of priests has contested the new police identification cards  at the Council of State. The priests’ problem the electronic data chip – RDIP chip – that will contain the usual  personal information, biometric data as well as the national security number (AMKA), blood group and Rhesus type, with the last two to  be optional.

The priests want a joint ministerial decision signed in April introducing the new ID card to be void on the grounds that it violates human rights, breaches the Greek constitution and international laws.

According to state news agency amna, the priests argue that Greek citizens have not given their approval for this new card and claim that the chip contains information on every transaction a person enters with the government or private company.

According to clergy argumentation, the chip will make possible that the holder will be remote located even if he/she in in a private place.

Furthermore, “the chip violates the religious consciousness and faith of Orthodox Christians and insults the principles and legacies of a religion although this is not necessary for the protection and safety of public life.”

In their application form contesting the law, the priests also refer to the prophetic scripts of  Elder Paisios and a text written by him “The signs of our times,” which they say predicted the latest developments.

The four clergymen (among them one Archimandrite) claim there are “the signatures of 3 million Greek Orthodox who condemn the new IDs.”

Also a religious institute and two lawyers joint the contest.

Years ago, when the handwritten ID cards were to be replaced with computerized cards that would no mention the holders’ religion, thousands of clergymen and members of para-religious organizations were holding protests. One of their argument was that the computerized ID cards would bear also the symbol of the devil, i.e. the number <666>.

To tell you the truth I fail to understand their new religion-related problem, for the time being.

The new ID cards are to go into effect as of 2019.

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