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Outrage postpones eviction of Metropolitan Social Clinic at Helliniko premises

Solidarity actions in Greece and in Europe brought fruits. The Metropolitan Community Social Clinic at the premises of the old airport of Athens Helliniko will not be evicted or closed down. According to a statement issued by the Clinic, the eviction scheduled for June 30th 2018 has been postponed, while the government has promised to help with the search for a an appropriate new facility.

“The proposals will be discussed with the volunteers of the Clinic,” the statement said.

On 31 May 2018 the Helliniko S.A. (a quasi-governmental agency) sent to MCSC eviction notice. The Metropolitan Community Clinic Helliniko was notified it has to vacate its premises by 30 June 2018, so that the S.A. can transfer the land to its ultimate buyer, Lamda Development for its ambitious investment project.

The Clinic was established in December 2011 in the beginning of the Greek economic crisis that deprived thousands of Greeks of health care due to unemployment and closed down businesses.

From Dec 2011 until today, the Clinic has treated 7,366 patients and conducted 64,025 patient visits.  They are pioneers in recycling of donated medicine in Greece. Hundreds of organizations and agencies throughout Greece have asked for and received support from the MCSC.

In its latest statement, the Metropolitan Social Clinic speaks of support, actions and messages to the government by hundreds of citizens, solidarity groups, academics, journalists and other social health centers in Greece.

Members of union CGSP ALR protest the closure outside the Greek Embassy in Brussels.

More than 130 academics and doctors in UK and Germany expressed their solidarity with the MCSC, while German MEP Rebecca Harms (Greens) had an “dynamic intervention at the European Parliament in order to prevent eviction and closure.”



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