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ANEL wants 180 votes for Macedonia Agreement; threats against MPs

Leader of ANEL and Tsipras’ junior coalition partner, Panos Kammenos, said on Wednesday, that he will ask the Prime Minister the Macedonia Agreement will pass through the Greek parliament with an enhanced majority of 180 votes. Kammenos statement comes the day the FYROM Parliament ratified the agreement.

“We will do whatever it takes the agreement does not come to the Parliament,” Kammenos reportedly said. As FYROM has still a long way to go in order to fulfill the agreement requirements, Kammenos said he estimates the agreement would come to Greek Palriament in 2019.

Parliamentary elections were scheduled for autumn 2019, unless the unexpected happens…

At the same time, Kammenos who is also Defense Minister, denounced that ANEL lawmakers have been set under pressure and threats by “neo-fascists and members of criminal organizations” as he said characteristically.

He added the phones of ANEL MPs are at the disposal of Justice to investigate threatening sms and e-mails.

ANEL has made it very clear that it does not support the agreement because FYROM’s new name will contain the term “Macedonia.”

For Macedonia opponents, this is apparently not enough, they seem to think, ANEL had to vote in favor of the no-confidence vote on Saturday.

Tourism Minister, Elena Kountoura, came under verbal attack while in Chania on the island of Crete on Tuesday. The Minister was attending the inauguration of ANEL offices.

“Macedonia is Greek. Traitors, Thugs, Politicians” a small group of people chanted as police force was safeguarding the ANEL offices and the minister. According to, Kountoura cancelled some of her appointments on Wednesday for security reasons.

Justice Minister, Stavros Kontonis (SYRIZA), was also exposed to verbal attacks over Macedonia, during a visit to Giannitsa, West Macedonia, on Tuesday.

Parliament speaker, Nikos Voutsis, said on Sunday, that government lawmakers have beeen receiving threatening messages.

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