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Mini EU Summit on Migration as rift with hardline governments grows

European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, announced an informal mini summit on migration and asylum issues. The meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 24th, in Brussels. In a tweet Juncker announced the informal summit, however without revealing who is to participate.  Howver, he tagged the prime ministers of Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and Malta, the Austrian Chancellor and the French President as well as the government spokesmen of the German and the Spanish governments.

Migration will be on the agenda of the full EU Summit on June 28-29.

The issue of migrants and refugees has divided EU leaders for one more time, and in various countries:

Germany: Merkel’s sister party CSU in Bavaria claims to follow unilateral migration policy and stop migrants at it borders.

Malta and Italy refused to accept 630 migrants rescued from the sea by ship Aquarius that had to taken them to Spain.

Italy’s far-right government announced, furthermore, announces measures against the Roma community in the countries, measures that remind the racial laws in Germany of the early 1930’s.

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini calls for a census of the Roma community and to expel those without legal status.

Austria threatens with an issue that has nothing to do with migration. Far-right Chancellor Kurz threatens to sabotage the Macedonia deal between Greece and FYROM unless the EU stops membership talks with Turkey.

Meanwhile in Europe the proposal to build ‘cities’ for migrants in Africa and possibly also in Albania is allegedly being promoted.

At the same time, migration tears the US apart, with the inhuman ‘zero tolerance’ policy of President Donald Trump who ordered separation of parents from their children, that are now been kept in cage “prisons.” the youngest child is reportedly 8 months old.

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