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Ousted Golden Dawn MP accused of “high treason” set free on bail

Ousted Golden Dawn MP, Kostantinos Barbarousis, was set free on bail after he testified before a judge on Wednesday. He was charged on “preparatory acts of high treason.” The bail was set at 30,000 euros, he has been barred form leaving the country and has to report to a police station three times per month.

Before the judge he attempted to revoke his call on the army to stage a military coup and arrest the political leadership of the country, during a plenary session on a Macedonia motion against the government last Friday.

“i would respect any judicial decision, Macedonia is Greek,” he said after his release in front of reporters and a handful of supporters.

In an apparent attempt to escape persecution for felony, Barbarousis issued a statement on Tuesday in which he claimed his statements on Friday were “imperfect verbal excesses” and unfortunate expressions” due to “thymic excitement.”

Stressing that he respected the Constitution and the political system of Greece, he said that this “inelegant phraseology” should not be interpreted as “incitement or abolition or alternation of the Democratic Republic.”

On Friday he was ousted from Golden Dawn and his is now an “independent MP.”

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