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EU may require visas at £52 for UK travelers post Brexit

The European Commission is making plans that could mean British citizens need a visa to enter the EU after Brexit. Some UK media write that the cost for a visa would be at £52.

According to a document presented to MEPs  and seen by politicoeurope:

The proposal is among a list of amendments to laws and regulations in a document entitled “Pending and planned legislative proposals for the purposes of Brexit preparedness” that was presented by the Commission’s powerful Secretary-General, Martin Selmayr, to MEPs on the Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group in Strasbourg on Tuesday of last week.

Whether it comes into force, or an alternative that would exempt U.K. citizens from visa requirements, will depend on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. But Selmayr told MEPs that the legislative changes, in eight different policy areas, are needed for the EU27 to avoid disruption in the aftermath of the U.K. leaving the bloc. That could happen suddenly in March 2019 in a chaotic no-deal scenario or in January 2021 after the transition period that has been already been agreed in principle by negotiators.

On visas, the text proposes a change to a Commission regulation on the EU’s visa policy for third countries to “place the U.K. on either the visa required list of third countries or the ‘visa free’ list.” An EU regulation is a binding legislative act that must be applied in its entirety across the EU.

Until the withdrawal date and during the transition phase, the current immigration arrangements for British nationals will continue, meaning that they will not need a visa to enter another EU country and can continue to travel freely within the EU using their passport. But after the transition, the situation of U.K. nationals traveling to Europe is still unclear, politicoeurope notes.

Many British expats in Greece are concerned about their future in the host country and the difficulties they may face after Brexit.

Diplomatic sources have recently told KTG that the issue could also be solved with bilateral agreements between UK and EU member states. Sources urged “be patient!”

Prime MInister, Alexis Tsipras, is on official visit to UK on Monday and Tuesday, June 25-26, 2018. On the second day of his visit, he will meet with Prime Minister, Theresa May, and  leader of Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

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  1. More ‘Project Fear’, they never give up do they? Ignore.

  2. Politicians need to stop having tantrums and think about what is best for all concerned. Charging Brits to travel in Europe will do wonders for Tourism in Greece, Spain and Italy for instance. International trade will also suffer if company reps can’t travel with ease. The EU is more concerned about punishing the UK than doing what is best for its citizens and the British government, being totally unprepared for the Brexit vote after the amount of misinformation that was given to the public before the vote, are now more worried about the next election than the very serious negotiations with Europe. What a mess!

  3. So every time I want to travel to the UK from my home in Greece I would need a Visa to get back to my wife and children……….. Hmmmmm Methinks the UN would have something to say about this owing to human rights issues !