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Mayor suspected of strays’ poisoning persecuted in Central Greece

A prosecutor in Lamia has pressed charges against the mayor of Amfikleia-Elati on suspicion that he was behind two incidents of strays dogs’ poisoning. A priest is being also persecuted for abetting the perpetrator in Fthiotida Prefecture in Central Greece.

According to the case file, the mayor was allegedly behind two cases of animal poisoning near the train station of Brallos. “He threw the poison himself,” local media writes citing the judicial documents.

The website contacted the mayor who denies all charges saying he is not aware of the incidents and he said so to judicial authorities as well.

Also a local priest is being persecuted for abetting the perpetrator.

The priest has allegedly reported the incident to relatives and members of the local animal welfare society. Later he claimed he was not sure about the perpetrator’s identity, however, it seems that there are several witnesses to whom he made his original claim.

The prosecutor’s intervention followed a denouncement by the local animal welfare that had received information that “a high-ranking elected member of the local authority was seen throwing the poison.”

The prosecutor reacted immediately and took all necessary testimonies within three days.

According to the report, the leading prosecutor of Lamia, Haris Lakafosis,  is determined to investigate the issue to the end and find the perpetrator. “There will be absolutely no tolerance to those abusing animals in one way or another,” he stresses sending the message to all directions.

Police officers have been reportedly instructed to be in contact with citizens and brief them on such issues so that they are not afraid to denounce cases of animal abuse,  lamiareport notes.

It is the first time an high-ranking official in Greece is persecuted with such charges.

Mass poisoning across Greece

In the last couple of months, and possibly in every spring,  there is an unprecedented outbreak of animals’ poisoning across Greece. Cats and dogs but also birds suffer a horrible death because some – no, they are not humans – believe they are entitled to carry all their private problems, their psychological and social inefficiencies to innocent animals.

The incidents and the denouncements reach animal welfare societies almost on a daily basis.

Latest incidents  

More than 30 pigeons were poisoned in Antheon Park in Thessaloniki over the weekend.

On Sunday, an animal lover called police in Drama, Northern Greece, after she saw an elderly woman throwing rat poison in a park, close to a playground. The elderly claimed she was “annoyed by the cats and dogs passing by” and that she “has been doing this for years.”

Following police orders the woman who was in her 90’s (!) removed the poison with a brush and shovel. It is not known whether police filed against the poisoner.

The fourth victim of mass poisoning in Sidirokastro by Serres, Northern Greece. “The animal was dying and the locals were drinking their coffee as if nothing was happening.”

On June 21st, a specially trained dog found 14 plastic bags full with poison baits, in an agricultural area of Agios Nikoalos, Lasithi, on the island of Crete. Unfortunately, trained dog Daka was late, some animal had already eaten the bait…

Thank goodness, there is a large number of Greeks and expats living in Greece doing a priceless work against the animal abusers.


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  1. michele lavender

    m sorry to say that central and local government are also guilty of turning a blind eye and of causing dogs to live in a bad way on the streets,they have not been collected into rescue centers,sterilised and looked after until being homed or until the end of their lives.They breed continuously on the dogs should be roaming the streets for their own good and the safety of citizens,its also a health issue,not that owners pick up their dogs excrement anyway,we all walk in it.Dogs can be dangerous things especially on pack and people have been attacked on thousands of occasions,thats not right,its just another…not right… in the country called Greece.Citizens will take matters into their own hands in a cruel way unfortunately but the real culprit here in this sad story is central and local government who cant be bothered to make Greece into a better place to live for animals and humans,so shame on them,they dont deserve the vast salaries that are lavished on them from tax payers hard earned sweat.

  2. Michele, let me enlightened you. All taxes collected end up to the usurers. There is no money left for anything else, at all! This is the most simple and clear way I can explain it to you. By the way, if you feel like reading, please, have a look at my reply to Carl, in the comment section of this post (, in order to get the big picture about Greece right now.

  3. I believe this is not simply an economic issue. It’s also cultural. Italy has a similar situation with dogs and cats roaming the streets. Spain, too. Another part is educational. Here in our little Greek village we find new dogs showing up every year. Some have been abandoned here, others are newborn. It’s not that the street dogs are always mistreated, either. Some are fed by neighbors. Most are friendly and just want to be loved – and fed, of course. It’s just that for many reasons most people don’t want to – or can’t – take them in and be responsible for their care. I have personally taken in one lost puppy 4 years ago and he’s a wonderful dog. I have also found homes for three street dogs and most people are very helpful but we do have issues here occasionally with mistreatment and poisoning.