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Clean Beaches 2018 report for Athens, Attica and surrounding areas is out

The clean beaches report for summer 2018 has been released in June. The report refers to beaches in Athens area, the Attica region as wells as in other areas of Greece. The Clean Beaches report is based on sea water analyses conducted by the Laboratories of the National Ecological Research Center PAKOEE.

The analyses were conducted in May 2018.

The report presents the clean [right blue sign] beaches and those the PAKOEE regards as unsuitable for swimming [red sign] due to high concentration of dangerous human substances like eColi etc.

The year’s report includes beaches in  Athens, the broader Attica Prefecture, some islands of the Saronic Gulf and Messinia in South Peloponnese.

You can find the application Clean Beaches 2018 here. There is also a thorough report about the beaches not listed yet on the application. These are listed above the application picture, but in Greek only. There you can find Top Clean Beaches 2018, for example, or a list of the beaches in West or East Attica etc.

The application is being constantly updated.

Beaches in Athens & surrounding areas in Attica

In Athens, there are several beaches one can reach with public transport means like buses and the Tram. The majority of them is not organized. They are free of charge but spaces leased offer sunbeds and umbrellas against a fee.

The closest beaches one can reach with the Tram or per taxi are in Palaio Faliro, stations <Batis> and <Edem> both declared as “clean.”

Especially on weekends it is better one uses public transport means to avoid the endless traffic jams along the Athens Riviera when Athenians decide to leave or return to the city at the same time.

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