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More than 93,500 Lightning Strikes recorded in Greece in June

More than 93,500 lightning strikes have been recorded in Greece in the month of June that was hit by several bad weather fronts. The National Observatory in Athens said that the activity of the electrical phenomena recorded by the ZEUS electrical detection system was quite high in June.

With the exception of one single day, lightning occurred on each and every June day.

System ZEUS recorded a total of 93,580 electrical discharges across the country.

Among the few areas that escaped lightning were the island of Karpathos and the Western part of the island of Ikaria.

The most intense activity was during barometric low “Minoas” the bad weather front that hit Greece between 15. and 19. June 2018. More than 64,000 lightning strikes were recorded.

The next wave of bad weather, “Nefeli” stroke with only 12,500 electric discharges mainly in the North-West Aegean Sea and South-West Peloponnese in the time between 24. and 29. June. Despite the disastrous storms.

The day with the most lightning was the 15. June with 18,818 strikes, followed by 16. June with 16,685 strikes.

The days with the least lightning were 8. June with 8 strikes and 30. June with 9 strikes.

The NOA notes that thee was a problem in the system on the last day of June and therefore only a few strikes were recorded.

Lightning caused two deaths in Macedonia on June 2nd and 3rd as well as the serious injury of a 14-year-old boy in Larissa on 13. June.

Lightning caused also forest fires in various parts of the country, from Thrace in North-West, to Athens and the island of Crete in the South.


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