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Boiling hot beach but no money for sun umbrella? There are always alternatives! (photos)

You are at the beach under the boiling sun and not a green leaf around to offer just a bit of a shadow? Or you think the price to rent a set of sun-bed and -umbrella much too high? There are always alternatives… all you need is a practically thinking mindset.

A sunbather at the Falasarna beach in West Crete, found that the sun was much to hot and sought protection of a special kind.

The woman just laid under the big catalogue with the prices for the …Water Sports offered at the beach.

Local media posted the pictures in an article with the title “She thought sun-umbrellas in Falasarna were too expensive.”

She probably shot some pictures from the turquoise blue sea and enjoyed the beach.

PS I have no idea what is the price for a set of sun-bed/umbrella in Falasarna. But sometimes it happens that you go to the most wonderful beach of the world. Yet time is short and it is impossible to spend more than one or maximum two hours there. And then yes, the prices turn high.

Recently we went to a beach at Kavouri in South-East Attica. Our time was short. We had one hour for swimming and maximum 45 minutes to rest. Parking was 8 euros, a set of two sun-beds and -umbrellas 20 euros because it was weekend. On week days the price is half.

We were lucky to grab the last free place under a huge pine tree. Otherwise we would have paid 28 euros for a swim at a municipality beach which is free of entrance, but they charge a hell. Not to mention the miserable condition of the shower- and sanitary facilities.

So, why not?

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