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“Minimum wage hikes within 2018,” says gov’t spokesman

Greece’s government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said that the coalition government plans wage hikes as part of a series of measures to counter the impact of austerity after Greece exits its third bailout in August. He appeared confident that the minimum wage will increase within 2018.

“Preparations for the day after have already begun,” he told the news website Dikaiologitika News.

“The government’s goal is that, immediately after August 21, the official expiry of the program, that all the final details of a series of interventions in favor of the majority of society are finalized,” he said.

The government’s priority is that the end of the bailout era is translated into “practical improvements in the daily lives of citizens,” he said.

Immediate goals include the restoration of collective bargaining rights for workers and increases in salaries for civil servants who have seen their wages slashed over the years.

Minimum wage is at €586 gross per month; it plunged 200 euros after 2011 and the first fiscal adjustment program. It was the International Monetary Fund that had pressed for the decrease foolishly claiming it would boost competitiveness.

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