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Prosecutor orders investigation into death of bullying victim

Athens prosecutor has ordered an urgent investigation into the circumstances that led a 15-year-old boy into suicide. The boy had left a note accusing six of  his friends and classmates of bullying him.

The boy was found hanging on the balcony of his parents home in Argyroupoli suburb of south Athens.

In his laconic note, he wrote he decided to take his own life because he could not stand anymore the bullying he was exposed to by friends and classmates. He noted that he was receiving threats.

Listing the names of the six friends the boy concluded his suicide note saying “these have destroyed me. Destroy them,” Greek media report.

The juvenile prosecutor assigned with the case has to investigate whether the boy’s accusations can be confirmed. Furthermore, the prosecutor has to determine whether criminal charges should be pressed against anyone in connection with the boy’s death.


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