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Ultra-nationalists form a new Greek party focused on Macedonia

A former lawmakers from Independent Greeks and a former high-ranking official at the Samaras government joint their forces and establish a political party. Ex ANEL MP, Dimitris Kammenos, and ex cabinet secretary Takis Baltakos, announce don Tuesday the formation of the new part.

Main purpose of the new party is “to prevent the surrender of the name of  Macedonia to the Slavs” and “to remove the left-wing government from power, that not only proceeded to this sacrilege, but at the same time it is an obvious obstacle to the country’s economic development,” the statement said.

“The new party will be right-wing and will facilitate the creation of a Patriotic Front,” the statement added.

Kammenos who was ousted from ANEL as he voted in favor of the no-confidence vote against the government last month, is going to be the president of the party and Baltakos the general secretary.

Baltakos was fired by Samaras, when video footage revealed he had secret talks, a “friendly chat” so to say with a Golden Dawn MP in spring 2014. Samaras aide Baltakos had allegedly said that New Democracy launched the persecution of GD to prevent ND voters from to the far-right party. Samaras’ coalition government partner PASOK asked for the immediate dismissal of the cabinet secretary. The talks between the two was illegally videotaped. The first class political scandal stirred the political world went into history as Baltakos-Gate.

Party founders Kammenos and Baltakos said they address those who “do not accept the degeneration of education and traditional values, the ethics and traditions of the Greek people,” and those who want the restoration of law and order with decisive repression of crime, customs and customs of the Greek people, those who reject attacks on the Church and Orthodoxy and who cry when they hear the National Anthem and the song Famous Macedonia.”

The name of the party has not been revealed yet. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s called patriotic front.

I assume they want to attract all these protesters who take to the streets mainly in Northern Greece and raise their voices against the Macedonia Agreement. yet, they have a strong competitor: the Golden Dawn.

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  1. Who thinks all these fireworks over the Macedonia problem are going to change anything. Are all these protests, accords, etc. really going to change FYROM’s attitude about Macedonia or take any country back to the time of Phillip? Thery are great for covering up the country’s real problems and letting off steam, nothing more. If all this emotion and energy had been put to work on leaving the EU in 2010 Greece could be supplying foreign aid today to FYROM.