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Unbelievable! Thugs dye 3-month-old puppy ….red!

A stray puppy had to experienced how mean the humans can be. Unknown perpetrators dyed the 3-month-old puppy …red most probably just for the purpose of mean human fun. Some animal lovers from Schimatari area, in Viotia, found the puppy and took it to the vet.

An examination showed that the estimated 3-month-old female dog is in good health and did not suffer any damage from the cruel game.

According to animal lover reports, the dye goes off with water and it is suggested it is a hair dye.

“We don’t know for how long the dye has been implemented but it has soaked in the puppy’s skin,” an animal lover posted on Facebook.

It is estimated that the dye will go off with time.

The puppy remains in the veterinary clinic.

It is female and it is estimated she will be medium size.

If anyone interested to adopt this poor soul, click here.

The puppy is currently close to Athens.

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  1. I got 2 points. First of all, the puppy is adopted now. Me and my husband are now the proud parents of beautiful Scarlet. Secondly, not even one blood test was performed on the puppy by that b*tch of a veteranian. The puppy has a bad case of anemia. We’re currently waiting for more test results.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Thank you for the great news! Well, you know… sometimes we get disappointed but at the very end Scarlet has a new home because of your kindness and this is what matters. Kudos!