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Paxos: 15-year-old US boy killed in tragic speed boat accident

A 15-year-old Us national was killed in a tragic boat accident off the island of Paxos in the Ionian Sea. The teenager fell from the boat into the sea and was caught in the boat propeller. He died immediately in front of the eyes of his family, while his father was reportedly driving the boat.

The accident happened in the sea off Gaios the main port of the island on Saturday afternoon. The boat was possibly sailing to the island of Antipaxos.

According to local media, the father had chartered the boat. On board were also his three children.

Under circumstance unknown to the moment, the teenager fell into the sea and the boat drove over him with the result that he was fatally injured.

Media report that the moment he realized what happened, the father stopped the boat and dove into the sea to help his son. But it was too late for the child.

His body was transferred to the health center of Paxos when only his death could be confirmed.

The father has been reportedly arrested and he is in shock.

Speaking to Greek state news agency amna, Paxos mayor Spyros Vlaxopoulos said  that the accident occurred south of Paxos near Antipaxos.  According to amna information first indications speak of an accident  due to the sea waves in the area.

The Greek Coast Guard investigates how and why the teenager fell into the sea and if the father was able to drive the speed boat.  The boat passengers are to give testimonies.

The boat has been tugged to the port of Gaios.

UPDATE Sunday: New details about the accident in Paxos boat accident: Family are Britons living in the US

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