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Larissa: Three-day pilgrimage to Metropolit corpse in a freezer

Three-day public pilgrimage to a Metropolit corspe in a freezer. The corpse of  Metropolit of Larissa and Tyrnavos Ignatios was to be exposed to public pilgrimage for the locals in the Agios Achillios Church in Centrla Greece. However, the high summer temperatures threatened to cancel the pious action and break traditions of centuries.

The close associates of the former living holy man consulted with the experts of the field and here is what reportedly happened:

Coroner Roubini Leontari examined the corpse and suggested a special freeze-lid should be attached to the coffin.

Who wanted to see a Greek Orthodox Holy Man melt just right before his eyes during the 3-day pilgrimage?

Before arriving to Larissa, the corpse had a long journey behind. Last week, it arrived at Thessaloniki airport from the USA via Istanbul, Turkey.

The 72-year-old Metropolit who was suffering from cancer, died of heart attack during a liver transplant operation in a medical center in Miami on June 26th.

The freeze-lid would be removed during the sermons that were held during the pilgrimage, the coroner examined the corpse for at least one more time.

And it was removed that the procession accompanied Metropolit Ignatios to his last residence in the cemetery of the area.

As expected Greeks commented the expensive freeze-lid on social media with the most mean of them criticizing that the money could have been given to the poor and needy.

On silly Greek asked whether the lid was equipped also with “defrost system.”

Nevertheless the corpse of Metropolit Ignatios had better luck that the one of Bishop Kallinikos that was taken through the streets of Lamia on a throne…

in an odd and truly unusual procession.

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